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Jimmy Dorsey's Boogie (Telesport) 21.05.2016.

Dániel Balázs Boogie Woogie Trio plays Jimmy Dorsey's Boogie by Winifred Atwell.

Dániel Balázs - piano
Koch Barnabás - drums
Zink Ferenc - double bass

This song is very special for the hungarian audience. Back in the days, a part of this tune was used as a signal for one of the national television's programme, called Telesport. We decided to learn the whole original song note by note to play it entirely to the audience, as they usually know only those few bars which was in the signal. So until the break in the music, you can hear the original song, then we put our own ideas into it. At the end we bring back the melody and close it with an anusual ending which was in the TV signal. I hope you will enjoy it!

Original composition:

TV signal:

Concert: Boogie Woogie Night
Date: 21.05.2016.
Place: Vaskakas Művészeti Központ, Győr

Video recording: Film-M Produkció
Sound recording: Jörg Tibor
Editing: Dániel Balázs

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