Performing formations

We are avilable in the following line-ups

Balázs Dániel Solo

Balázs DÁNIEL (piano)

Such events are rare for the fans of this style of music, Balázs is the only boogie woogie pianist who performs solo in concert in Hungary. Such events feature virtuoso piano playing, sparkling rhythms and daring music. Boogie woogie is a technically challenging genre demanding a well-developed and unique piano playing technique where improvisation is more than essential, thus you will not hear the exact same program no matter how many concerts you attend to. Video:

Balázs Dániel Boogie Woogie Trio

Balázs DÁNIEL (piano), Barnabás KOCH (percussions), Ferenc ZINK (double bass)

The Balázs Dániel Boogie Woogie Trio is the only ensemble in Hungary that plays boogie woogie in a traditional line-up. Everyone who has seen and heard them are convinced that Balázs, just like Ferenc and Barnabás are all masters of their instrument. They have great spirit, punchy jokes and colourful elements to spice up their music and this adds to their great technique. It is a challenge to listen to such concert and just stay in your seat as the swinging rhythm move everyone’s hands and legs, and the audience often jumps up and dance between the rows! Video:

Trio + Écska Pleszkán

Balázs DÁNIEL (piano), Barnabás KOCH (percussions), Ferenc ZINK (double bass), Écska PLESZKÁN (vocal)

What happens when “The Woman” appears on stage? The Balázs Dániel Trio is seeking to answer that question with the help of Écska Pleszkán. This singer’s commanding and sexy voice is an excellent companion to the dashing and lively performance of the Trio. She has a very unique style, unique voice, and unique image. She is the daughter of Frigyes Pleszkán, who was one of the most outstanding jazz pianists of Hungary, and overwhelms the audience with her special singing voice that is matched with her lovely appearance – the audience is guaranteed to see and hear a memorable performance. Video:

Trio + Tamás Szabó

Balázs DÁNIEL (piano), Barnabás KOCH (percussions), Ferenc ZINK (double bass), Tamás SZABÓ (harmonica, vocal)

Tamás SZABÓ is an iconic figure of the national blues scene. He is an important and welcome addition to the Balazs Daniel Boogie Woogie Trio and their collaboration results in the fusion of improvisation and elaborate musical solutions which makes an excellent match and certainly provides a brilliant mood. In the course of their joint concerts, Tamás’ harmonica playing and the Trio’s musical creativity has come together in the invigorating combination of traditional boogie woogie and blues pieces, providing special musical wonderment to connoisseurs’ ears. Video:

Trio + Tibor Varga + Neon

Balázs DÁNIEL (piano), Barnabás KOCH (percussions), Ferenc ZINK (double bass), Tibor VARGA (saxophone), Péter NIEDERMÜLLER “Neon” (vocal)

In addition to hearing boogie woogie played by the Trio, the audience will enjoy a sampler of rock and roll, a genre close to boogie woogie, at the concerts. Whirling rhythms, trotting bass, virtuoso saxophone and piano solos as well as Neon, the sensational singer of the Hungária Tribute band will create terrific moods. The audience always gets excited and will start moving when they hear the familiar songs of Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley and Little Richard. Videó:

Trio + international guest pianist

Balázs DÁNIEL (piano), Barnabás KOCH (percussions), Ferenc ZINK (double bass) + international guest pianist

An event including an international guest pianist offers quite an interesting and unique production. Thanks to Boogiefeszt and the international gigs, Balázs has excellent contacts with the top European boogie woogie artists active throughout Europe today, and this will guarantee a quality show for all those who have a chance to see these varying line-ups. In addition to pieces played by the Trio, highlights of the production include virtuoso boogie woogies for four hands on two pianos, a feature usually presented at festivals devoted to boogie woogie. Video:


All performance lineups can be even more appealing with the performance of boogie woogie dancers, who will add to the experience with their acrobatic stunts, colourful costumes and spectacular dance movements. They cater to the eyes as well as the ears of the audience. Based on feedback from the audience, following the movements of the pianist’s hands is at least as big a challenge for viewers as watching the dancers’ legs. Video:

Individual needs

Have you not found what you were looking for, or are you not sure which formation would best suit your needs? We will be glad to combine any element and performer of our shows with any other as all our performers are very flexible and very eager to please and make sure every customer gets what he wants and is satisfied. Please contact me with your individual requirements, because we believe that finding the perfect solution is always possible. We know how to be really in tune with others and in complete harmony!​

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