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After many years, the Dániel Balázs Boogie Woogie Trio produced a new album with the title ’Own Way To Boogie’. The CD contains 14 songs, some of them with guest musicians known from the live concerts. On this colorful disc you can hear arranged songs, brand new own compositions, and even some songs that have never been played live before. Featuring: Écska Pleszkán and Mojo Workings band.

Own Way To Boogie /2016/

Balázs Dániel (piano), Barnabás Koch (drums), Ferenc Zink (double bass, bass)

Featuring: Écska Pleszkán (lead vocal), Mojo Workings – Tamás Szabó (vocal, harmonica), János Horváth (vocal, acoustic guitar), Imre Olivér Honfi (vocal, guitar)

  1. 1 Own Way To Boogie (Balázs Dániel, Barnabás Koch, Ferenc Zink, Écska Pleszkán)
  2. 2 Hop On The Groove (Balázs Dániel)
  3. 3 Baby Likes To Rock It (Tractors / Steve Ripley, Walt Richmond)
  4. 4 Smack Dab In The Middle (Jesse Stone)
  5. 5 Finding Your Star (Balázs Dániel, Barnabás Koch, Ferenc Zink, Écska Pleszkán)
  6. 6 Hungarian Folk Song medley (traditional)
  7. 7 Honky Tonk Train Blues (Meade Lux Lewis)
  8. 8 Old Time Rock And Roll & Rock and Roll Music medley (Bob Seger, Chuck Berry)
  9. 9 Kid Man Blues (Big Maceo Merriweather)
  10. 10 Boogie Woogie Stomp (Albert Ammons)
  11. 11 Early One Morning (Luther "Wee Willie" Williams / The Blues Busters)
  12. 12 Jimmy Dorsey’s Boogie (Winifred Atwell)
  13. 13 Keep On Gwine (James Booker)
  14. 14 Bonus: Mr. Firehand’s Double Piano Boogie (Balázs Dániel)

Produced by VTCD. Mix and recording by Tom-Tom Studio, Sándor Nyíri. Copyright © Balázs Dániel.

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Four hands on one piano! After several live concerts, Balázs Dániel decided with his austrian music colleague Robert Roth, that they will produce a CD together. The two pianists have recorded the most succesful songs of their live performances, and completed them with own compositions on four hands made just on the spot in the studio. You can notice the different styles of Balázs and Robert in their solo songs, but the two worlds melt together perfectly in their joint songs.

Flying 4 Hands /2013/

Balázs Dániel (piano), Robert Roth (piano), guest: Barnabás Koch (drums)
  1. 1 It’s Boogie Time (Robert Roth, Dániel Balázs)
  2. 2 Going To Chicago (Robert Roth)
  3. 3 I Have To Jump (Dániel Balázs)
  4. 4 Blues Groove in F (Robert Roth)
  5. 5 Pixie (James Booker)
  6. 6 Pinetop’s Boogie (Clarence Smith)
  7. 7 Welcome Boogie (Dániel Balázs)
  8. 8 Island Of Dreams (Robert Roth)
  9. 9 Isabelle Madison (Fabrice Eulry)
  10. 10 Bass Goin’ Crazy (Albert Ammons)
  11. 11 Let’s Boogie (Robert Roth)
  12. 12 Yancey Special (Meade Lux Lewis)
  13. 13 Speeding Boogie (Dániel Balázs)
  14. 14 Boogie Chase (Dániel Balázs)
  15. 15 Let’s Do It (Robert Roth)
  16. 16 Boogie Woogie Stomp (Albert Ammons)

Produced by VTCD. Recording: Robert Roth. Mix: Barnabás Koch. Copyright © Balázs Dániel & Robert Roth.

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This solo piano album of Mr. Firehand takes you from boogie woogie to blues and New Orleans Jazz aswell. The virtuoso own compositions, traditional slow blues songs and groovy unique tunes make up a fantastic mix together. Moreover, you can find Balázs’ original own composition on it, called ’Storm’, which is always a big hit during the concerts. Quote from the cover: „…I have tried to mix the most delicious boogie cocktail for you. I hope you will enjoy listening to this CD as much as I did while recording it.”

Boogie Cocktail /2012/

Balázs Dániel (piano)
  1. 1 Welcome Boogie (Dániel Balázs)
  2. 2 Girls Like It (Jo Bohnsack)
  3. 3 Just strange (Dániel Balázs)
  4. 4 Pixie (James Brooker)
  5. 5 Bouncing Boogie (Dániel Balázs)
  6. 6 Jump and Jive (Axel Zwingenberger)
  7. 7 Bass Going Crazy (Albert Ammons)
  8. 8 Isabelle Madison (Fabrice Eulry)
  9. 9 Just For You (Pete Johnson)
  10. 10 Speeding Boogie (Dániel Balázs)
  11. 11 Suitcase Blues (Albert Simmons)
  12. 12 Storm (Dániel Balázs)
  13. 13 Running Keys (Dániel Balázs)
  14. 14 BONUS TRACK: Fingerbraker (Jelly Roll Morton) [LIVE]

Produced by VTCD. Mix and recording by Barnabás Koch. Copyright © Balázs Dániel.

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Boogie In 3 is the debut album of the Dániel Balázs Boogie Woogie Trio. You can find boogie woogie, blues, stride and funky styles aswell on the disc. One of the most important trait of the band’s music is that besides excellent technical knowledge, they always put many unique new ideas into their playing to make the world of boogie woogie more colorful. It is very likely that it will be hard to listen to the whole album while sitting down, because everyone’s hands ands legs move to the swinging rhythm, and the audience often jumps up and dance between the rows during live concerts.

Boogie In 3 /2010/

Balázs Dániel (piano), Barnabás Koch (drums), Zink Ferenc (double bass, bass), guest: Balázs Tóth (saxophone)
  1. 1 Tribute To Cristoph (Dániel Balázs)
  2. 2 Swanee River Boogie (Albert Ammons)
  3. 3 Jesse James (Albert Ammons)
  4. 4 Root Beer Rag (Billy Joel)
  5. 5 Pinetrop's Boogie Woogie (Clarence 'Pinetrop' Smith)
  6. 6 Storm (Dániel Balázs)
  7. 7 Boogie Woogie Jump (Pete Johnson)
  8. 8 Mystery Blues (Dániel Balázs)
  9. 9 Feel The Groove (Dániel Balázs)
  10. 10 Nagasaki (Harry Warren)
  11. 11 Bumble Boogie (Jack Fina)
  12. 12 Beer Bottle Boogie (Hannes Otahal)

Produced by VTCD. Mix and recording by Barnabás Koch. Copyright © Balázs Dániel.

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Balázs Dániel released his first CD when he was only 18 years old. You can already hear many of his own compositions in boogie woogie and blues styles on this album among the classic boogie tunes. Quote from the cover: „If somebody had said to me in 2006 – when I started to play boogie piano – that I would hold my first CD in my hands in 2008, I wouldn’t have believed him. But now I know that boogie matches me and we have become friends for a lifetime.”

Burning Fingers /2008/ - Elfogyott!

Balázs Dániel (piano)
  1. 1 Burning Fingers Boogie (Dániel Balázs)
  2. 2 Boogie Woogie Stomp (Albert Ammons)
  3. 3 Suitcase Blues (Albert Ammons)
  4. 4 Boogie For Vince (Dániel Balázs)
  5. 5 Happy Boogie (Dániel Balázs)
  6. 6 Death Ray Boogie (Pete Johnson)
  7. 7 When The Saints Go Marching In (Traditional)
  8. 8 Sandwich Blues (Dániel Balázs)
  9. 9 Boogie Woogie Be With Me (Axel Zwingenberger)
  10. 10 Honky Tonk Train Blues (Meade Lux Lewis)
  11. 11 Mr. Firehands's Boogie (Dániel Balázs)
  12. 12 Repeat It! (Dániel Balázs)

Produced by VTCD. Mix and recording Bence Bükki. Copyright © Balázs Dániel.

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