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Flight of the Bumble Bee 21.05.2016.

Dániel Balázs Boogie Woogie Trio plays 'Flight of the Bumble Bee' on double bass! Three musicians on one double bass! We had the inspiration from Bumble Boogie by Jack Fina and thought: why not try to play the song on a double bass?

Dániel Balázs Boogie Woogie Trio: Dániel Balázs - piano, Koch Barnabás - drums, Zink Ferenc - double bass

Concert: Boogie Woogie Night
Date: 21.05.2016.
Place: Vaskakas Cultural Center, Győr

Video recording: Film-M Produkció
Sound recording: Jörg Tibor
Editing: Dániel Balázs

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