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Private event

/Győr, Hungary/
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ETO Park - Nagysándor József u. 31., Győr, Hungary
2018-11-30 12:00
Dániel Balázs Boogie Woogie Trió

Private event

/Tiszafüred, Hungary/
Closed »
Tisza Balneum Hotel - Húszöles út 27, Tiszafüred, Hungary
2018-11-30 19:00
Dániel Balázs Boogie Woogie Trió & Pleszkán Écska

11th Boogiefeszt - International Boogie Woogie Festival Győr

/Győr, Hungary/
Multiple venues - Győr, Hungary
2018-12-06 - 2018-12-08
Axel Zwingenberger, Mr. Boogie Woogie, The Easy Babies, Ludovic Chanton & Stacy Aurel, Jérémy Chanton & Mélanie Deniau, Pleszkán Écska, Dániel Balázs Boogie Woogie Trió, Surprise guests
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Get to know Balázs Dániel!

In addition to his successes in his motherland, The Boogie Woogie Ambassador of Hungary is also a regular performer at well-known international boogie woogie and blues festivals. Balázs brings a new colour into the world of boogie woogie with creative new ideas and his unique virtuoso style. He is determined to improve the popularity of this wonderful music.

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Mr. Firehand has already played in the United States and the fans are expecting him to come back there.

Performing formations

We know how to be really in tune with others and in complete harmony!
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Solo, Trio and other formations

Mr. Firehand released many CDs through the years, but he always has new ideas under his fingers… You can hear his own compositions and arrangements on every disc, which reflects the unique music style of Balázs. Every album features virtuoso piano playing, sparkling rhythms and daring music.

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